The  Canterbury Health Precinct is steadily taking shape, with three buildings under construction at the junction of Antigua and Tuam Streets. These are the Canterbury DHB outpatient’s facility, the Health Research and Education Facility , and a private development that will accommodate health-related activities such as the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust.

The Health Precinct is not just a physical space accommodating organisations adjacent to the hospital. Co-location of partners will enable collaboration, the sharing of ideas and opportunities, and drive innovation. This will lead to improvements in the health and well-being of Cantabrians and others beyond the region, as well as economic benefits from the commercialisation of innovations.

CCST will move into its new premises in the Health Precinct in the first quarter of 2108.  These new facilities will prove a larger footprint for the further development of this internationally recognised clinical research facility. Map of Te Papa Hauora