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CCST provides excellent world class research facilities and the expertise to perform early Phase I and II studies for the pharmaceutical industry. Since the late 1990’s CCST has become a major provider of clinical trials to the pharmaceutical industry.


CCST undertakes medical research in many therapeutic areas .  We conduct clinical studies which involve healthy people as well as specific disease groups.  To take part in a clinical study at CCST you need to register. Register Here.


Christchurch doctors have, over many years, been involved in a wide range of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. A need was identified for a well designed and dedicated facility to perform Phase I and II pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in healthy volunteer and patient populations.

Current Studies

Upcoming Studies

CCST will be undertaking several studies in 2017.  We will need a variety of participants for these studies.

Make sure you are registered with us so we can contact you when there is a study which might suit you.


Males and Females

Age: 18 to 80 years

Healthy with no significant health issues.

Study investigating a cholesterol lowering medication.

Requirements:  A 2-night in-house stay and some clinic visits.

Compensation:  $2600 (less tax)



Are you taking Creon ?

People who have chronic pancreatitis or have had their pancreas removed are required for this study

Age 18 +

Gender Males and Females

Overall Status Recruiting

Study Type Safety and Tolerability of a new medication

Requirements Doses of the study drug over an 8 week period, overnight stays and clinic visits over a 3 month period

Compensation Contact CCST



Age 18 to 40 Years
Gender Females due to give birth between 20 March and 11 July 2017
General Health Healthy women having a single baby and have less than 5 children

This trial is being run in conjunction with the University of Otago and Christchurch Women’s Hospital.  We are investigating how well a new vaccine given to mothers may protect babies from illness due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in their first six months of life.

Text RSV to 8808


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CCST needs people to participate in our clinical research

CCST provides world class research facilities and expertise